I had a list of things to get done on my day off. Here's all the things I didn't do (my dvr is clear however):
  1. Organize my closet
    I still have a stack of clothes that don't currently fit anywhere on the ground by the closet. Home Depot is intimidating. And there is a Yogurtland across the street so I lose my way before I even start.
  2. Vacuum
    I keep having conversations with my dog about his hair loss. He stares at me for a while and then licks his butt. The hair continues to fall.
  3. Pedicure
    There's really no excuse for this one. All that is required is sitting and reading trashy magazines. A lazy person should be able to accomplish this. I did not. Toes continue to hide behind sneakers of shame.
  4. Go to the grocery
    Today I ate a bag of fruit snacks, a piece of cheese and pickles for lunch. My refrigerator is currently cooling down its plastic shelves and like one bottle of water.