Books I'm Currently "Reading"

Because finishing a whole book is like, really hard
  1. "Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton
    Good morning Upper East Siders, NYC's original Gossip Girl here. This Pulitzer Prize winner is barely over 200 pages and yet I've heard poor little K can't even finish it...
  2. "Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee
    Turns out not being required to read Harper Lee means not finishing her book.
  3. "Down The Rabbit Hole" by Holly Madison
    The gossip blog summaries of this book told me everything I needed to know, they should have #spoileralerted those articles!
  4. "Evolution" by Joe Manganiello
    The only reading in this book is the messages from his Magic Mike costars in the beginning. The rest are pictures. Which are worth looking at....
  5. "This Town" by Mark Leibovich
    After 750 name drops, I dropped this book on my shelf and never picked it up again.
  6. "This Side of Paradise" by F Scott Fitzgerald
    At least I've finished his short stories?
  7. "Hard Choices" by Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Good book? Sure. Hard choice to give up a few hundred pages in? Nope. #Hillary2016
  8. "White Girl Problems" by Babe Walker
    Not finishing books you order off of amazon is a white girl problem, right?