Today I watched a marathon of HGTV which included a lot of tiny homes.
  1. Do you really live here?
    Like full time? Because they look awesome, and also like no one actually lives there.
  2. Do you ever wonder if you've made a really horrendous mistake?
    Like when you wake up and your face is 5" from the ceiling? Or when you have to crawl and climb down a ladder to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?
  3. Where is all of your stuff?!
    I'm all for living with a small footprint for the love of earth and all, but don't you have any things? Clothes, shoes, a jacket, pots, dishes, extra toilet paper?! For real, what happens when you run out of TP??
  4. Do you ever feel claustrophobic?
    It always looks cute and cozy and you always smile for the camera, but what happens when you need some room, or privacy? Where do you go?? Have small space panic attacks set in? Do you feel like a hamster in a cage?
  5. Do you have friends or family over?
    Do you draw straws to find out who gets the couch and who has to use the toilet as a chair?
  6. Do you eat fast food every night?
    I've cooked in tiny kitchens, but you have one cabinet. Which means one pot, one pan, and some utensils. Be honest, you can't cook an actual meal- can you even do toast...because toaster!
  7. What happens when you go to the bathroom?
    Whoever lives with you has to hear/smell every single gory detail. Do you just hold it until you hit up a Starbucks or something?
  8. Probably you only drink instant coffee.
    Because where else are you going to put your coffee maker?
  9. Showering
    Do you air dry? There is no where to keep/hang a towel!
  10. When the camera leaves does it look like a dumpster fire?
    Because all your stuff comes out?
  11. I kind of want one.
    But only as my get-away vacation home.
  12. Did you always dream of a treehouse/playhouse?
    But never got one, so fulfilling that dream with your tiny home?