1. That I would be married.
    At 16 I'd never been asked on a date. I was pretty certain if be a spinster. As it turns out, my first date was I college at 17, I was married to that boy by 20- that makes me weird, too.
  2. That I would start a school.
    Because, who does that? For sure people with their life more together than me.
  3. That I would not have kids.
    I assumed that if I did get married, I would want to have kids soon after. Maybe those I care about all week are enough?
  4. That I would write for fun.
    At 16 it felt like a chore. I love to write, it teaches me what I think.
  5. That I would drive a convertible.
    I was raised in a family of responsible-choice cars, I assumed that is all I would drive.
  6. That I would regularly enjoy yoga.
    I have RA, for lots of years I was in so much pain I wouldn't have guessed that I could do/enjoy yoga.
  7. That I would be a whiskey drinker.
    My dad was an alcoholic. I'd tasted whiskey at an early age and thought it taste like soggy cardboard. I was sure I'd never try it again.
  8. That I would have sisters.
    My brother and brother-in-law married well. 2 sisters!
  9. That I would be a tech geek.
    I took a tech integration specialist job and learned that I heart technology. I'm a nerd.
  10. That I would embrace the title 'nerd'
    I avoided it like the plague at 16, but really, I'm a nerd. About a lot of things. It is what makes me interesting.
  11. That I would like brussel sprouts
    But then I had them at Duo in Denver. Addicted.