1. Played on an Apple IIe
    My parents owned a kitchen company, I used to make "plans".
  2. Made Blue Prints
    In a truly terrifying basement under my parents showroom. It smelled strongly if ammonia ( as all blue print machines did). The ceilings were low (even when you were > 4'). It was dark. It was haunted (no question).
  3. Watched Judge Judy
    On a 10" black and white portable TV, because it was the only channel that came through.
  4. Played house in amazing kitchens.
    Because fancy showrooms. (Made me an enormous kitchen snob).
  5. Visited Wash Park
    Picnic in the park. Ducks fed.
  6. Tents under the conference table.
    Perfect for tent making until a conference needed to happen.