An incomplete, top-of-the-mind list.
  1. Betamax- Top Gun, Risky Business, Four Weddings and a Funeral.
    My mom had a thing for Tom Cruise and Hugh Grant. I'm sure we owned some others, but these are the only ones we still own.
  2. Laser Disc
    Not sure why this didn't gain popularity. Who didn't want a record sized disc?!
  3. Love Connection
    I was in half-day kindergarten. My mom and I watched this every day while we ate a picnic lunch in the family room. Complete with picnic blanket and Oreos.
  4. Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place
    Where my crush on Ryan Reynolds began.
  5. Commadore 64
    I thought that my family was so bad-ass with the joy stick and Top Gun game. These all live in my basement.
  6. Pagers
    I remember paging my dad- who was not a doctor. I can't imagine why this was necessary.
  7. Crystal Pepsi
    Thought clear Pepsi was the coolest.
  8. Nintendo virtual boy
    A neighbor friend got this for his birthday. I thought it was the coolest ever.
  9. Fruit stripe gum
    At 8, this was the most delicious invention.
  10. Fantastic Max cartoon
    Sometimes I think I dreamed this. I watched with my little brother. The main character was always exclaiming, "dirty diapers" can't imagine why it was short lived.
  11. Squeeze-its
    I would probably still drink these if they existed today. And also- surely the leading cause of diabetes in America.