As requested by @NoahGeisel to be fair, it's things *we've* sold on eBay. Because That-Boy-I-Love is always the one to list.
  1. Freaking old couch
    For real, old!! The back of the couch was broken and kind of sucked you right in. It was blue and Lazy Boy. We were going to just throw it away. A family of 13 drove 500 miles, rented a uhaul and paid $100 for this couch. They said they had prayed for this exact couch (broken back and all). The kids were excited to take the trip because they got Wendy's for lunch. We let them use our bathroom and eat our Halloween candy.
  2. Extra fob for a Toyota Celica
    JT went to Toyota for a free oil change on his Celica. He came home with a new Tacoma. We had extra fobs. Sold on eBay for $80.
  3. Atari
    eBay was good for paying off school loan debt. This was a large jump toward that.
  4. Vote for Pedro shirts
    After Napoleon Dynamite came out, JT learned how to screen print and made Vote for Pedro shirts. We made a KILLING on these for 3 weeks. Tapered off when you could buy them at Walmart. But those 3 weeks were glorious!
  5. Old sewing patterns
    Like Butterick. Another of those items we were ready to toss. They were even cut up and used already. We made about $70/ pattern. We had almost 40. If you have retro patterns in your basement- people will buy them!
  6. Super Nintendo
    Not huge money, but bridged the gap when pay checks were bouncing.
  7. Vintage cast iron.
    People like vintage. Probably we didn't know what we had.
  8. Phones
    Razors, LG flip phones, every generation of iPhone. Word to the wise: don't sell to Russia. They claim they didn't get it. Tracking stopped in U.S. Someone got 3 free phones. PayPal took back $900 😣