In my real life I started a preschool-8th grade school and am the principal/queen. But in the summer my days look different. Like this one.
  1. Woke up early for Pilates in the park.
    It was happy and also miserable- because hard.
  2. Showered/dressed
    Not at the park, at home. Showering in the park would be weird.
  3. Met a family at school to give them a tour.
    They didn't care about the school or or philosophy, they just wanted to know what we thought about peanuts.
  4. Dropped off the school truck to get a body wrap.
    The city we are in won't let us put up a sign for our school. However, they say nothing about a truck in the parking lot that advertises us. I win. Sort of.
  5. Met with an app developer
    I created a new assessment system that needs to be properly done. My hacked together version has seen its last days.
  6. Got a call from a publisher
    Out of the blue to ask if I would be interested in a book deal about my school and innovation in education. Huh? Does this happen? Help listappers, help! What do I do, what do I ask?
  7. Realized I was hungry
    Because I hadn't eaten since morning.
  8. Grocery store
    I picked up one of everything. Shopping hungry is hard on the budget.
  9. Guacamole
    Made the second I walked in the door.
  10. Carefully laid out necessary ingredients for margarita
    For husband to make. I don't know how he makes them so good. It might be magic.
  11. Made this list
    Because now I'm waiting for margarita man.