Last night I couldn't sleep- because adult. Which had me reminiscing about those things that kept me awake at night in simpler times. As a kid, I'd sing myself the Double Mint Gum commercial to distract myself until I fell asleep. I guess now I create lists.
  1. Fear of being abducted by aliens
    My dad had a good 10 years of alien obsession. 10 years of creepy lifeless eyes staring at me from the covers of books all over the house.
  2. Ben Hur
    Clearly I was too young to see leprocy and men trampled to death by horse.
  3. Unsolved Myseries
    The song still haunts me.
  4. Falling into a well
    Baby Jessica style.
  5. Strangers
    Damn you Berenstain Bears!
  6. Who killed JR?
    This one had me wondering for years.
  7. Ghosts