1. High highs and low lows.
    Within the same hour, or minute by minute.
  2. You meet the best.
    The very best of humanity.
  3. You meet the worst.
    And call social services weekly. They are on speed dial.
  4. You believe there is hope.
    Because you see hope personified and genius every day.
  5. You cry.
    Because sometimes, try as you might, you can't change a child's reality.
  6. You work all the time.
    You can't turn it off because you care too much.
  7. You believe in the impossible.
    Because you've seen it happen, a lot. You stop thinking of anything as impossible.
  8. You cannot believe the generosity of people.
  9. You cannot fathom the dishonesty of people.
  10. You long for all kids to believe they are worthy.
    Because they are.
  11. You make it your life goal to help kids recognize that they matter, that they are unique, that they have something the world desperately needs.