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As requested by @ChrisK who keeps the conversations and lists flowing.
  1. I'm actually not entirely sure when/why this phobia started. I always remember being oddly terrified by taxidermy.
    Apparently I'm not the only one, this is an actual phobia: taxidermiphobia.
  2. This is the type of phobia that causes sweating, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and once, passing out.
    You know that creepy feeling down your back? It's like that.
  3. The "hall of life" at the natural history museum is basically like being in the seventh layer of hell.
    This is where I passed out- as a college student. Embarrassing.
  4. Colorado is a hard place to live when this is your phobia.
    Taxidermy everywhere. If there is taxidermy in a restaurant, I feel sick to my stomach and cannot walk around it without clinging onto someone for dear life. Forget going to a restroom without a buddy.
  5. I don't understand why beheading an animal and hanging it on the wall is considered decor.
  6. My reaction to taxidermy is so insanely intense that I've enlisted myself in self-therapy stages to get over it.
  7. Stage 1: make glitter taxidermy for my wall.
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    Glitter makes it friendlier.
  8. Stage 2: make foam core and wrapping paper taxidermy.
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    This now lives by my desk at work. I tell my students that this is what facing your fears looks like.
  9. Stage 2 continued: chevron+ taxidermy art.
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    Obviously more palatable.
  10. Stage 3: mini metal taxidermy.
  11. Stage 4: more realistic.
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    I still jump any time I come into the living room. It's getting better.
  12. Goal: to be in the same room with actual taxidermy without completely flipping out.
    Jury is still out, but I feel like my self therapy plan is helping. Baby steps.