These are the movies that you can start watching at any point if you are flipping channels. Guilty pleasures.
  1. Pride and prejudice (Keira Knightley)
  2. Two weeks notice
  3. The wedding singer
  4. Harry Potter anything
  5. Elektra... Don't judge me on that. The heart wants what it wants.
  6. Waiting for Guffman
  7. Never been Kissed. (Michael Vartan ooh la la)
  8. Moneyball
  9. Frozen
  10. The Kid
  11. The first Twilight movie (just to watch the crappy CGI)
  12. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom
  13. Selena
    Suggested by @lorimcs
  14. Stand By Me
    Suggested by @_sarah
  15. Pulp Fiction
    Suggested by @_sarah
  16. The Parent Trap
    The Lohan one.
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  17. School of Rock
    🎵Get off your "ath" let's do some math 🎶
    Suggested by @Ames91
  18. He's Just Not That Into You
    Suggested by @calliestorie
  19. Notting Hill
    Suggested by @applesarahgate
  20. Clueless
    Suggested by @kalind016
  21. You've Got Mail
    Suggested by @mal_the_mini