And new punishments for 2016 for them.
  1. 1. If you are the first car in a long line waiting for a left turn green arrow, it is your responsibility, your duty, to pay attention. Do not play with your phone until you hear horns honking so that you finally turn left as the arrow turns red which means you are the only one making the light.
  2. 1. NEW PUNISHMENT FOR 2016: drive yourself to the nearest police station and hand over your license. Now go sit in the corner, you turd.
  3. 2. Right turn on red does not mean stopping and taking the right turn if you "think you can make it" as I'm coming at you going 55 mph.
  4. 2. NEW PUNISHMENT FOR 2016: death by firing squad.
  5. 3. Merging. Allow people to merge. You do not own that 50 feet of road. It's called manners.
  6. 3. NEW PUNISHMENT FOR 2016: you must wear underpants on your head for one year. It's the law. It just passed. Look it up.