1. The skeletal guy in his 80s who FINALLY got over his hacking cough.
    After like 5 months of disgusting, wet, rattling coughs that vibrated through the chapel, he is as quiet as a mouse!
  2. The family who sits in front of us whose mother in law loudly talks through the hymns.
    Today she brought a high school grad announcement to show her daughter and was going on and on about how obviously expensive the boy's clothing was in the photo while we were trying to sing "Gently Raise the Sacred Strain."
  3. The autistic woman in her 30's who loudly complains to her parents about how boring sacrament meeting is.
    Listen, we're all thinking it. I'm glad someone said it.
  4. Landon, one of the 9-year-olds we teach in primary, who slept through the entire concluding speaker's talk.
    He just cuddled up to his mom and softly snored through it.
  5. The 40-something-year-old guy who still lives with his parents who SCREAMS the tenor line of the hymns from the front row.
    He's just being him as hard as he can.
  6. Me.
    Our baby was born 9 days ago but I went to Church today AND I taught our primary class.