I just finished my first year of graduate school in the Hispanic Studies department at the University of California, Riverside.
  1. First of all WHAT TF JUST HAPPENED
  2. As it turns out, I stress eat.
    Putting on weight over here like it's my damn job.
  3. I'm a different person now.
    I feel more confident and self-aware, I have a lot to say in class now, and I'm close to all the older students in the program, I'm a dad, etc.
  4. My baby was born and that was inconvenient af.
    I love my baby but her timing was so off. I literally wrote finals with her on my lap. Vera is a damn treasure though and I'm glad she came but like three weeks later would have been way better.
  5. There are idiots in grad school just like there are idiots everywhere else in the world.
    I guess this is a given, but I didn't think it would be. I mean, these are supposed to be future academics! But no. My program is lousy with idiots.
  6. There are assholes in grad school just like there are assholes everywhere else in the world.
    Maybe this goes without saying. You have to be something of an egomaniac to be an academic. Some of them, though, are actually insufferably terrible.
  7. I need pressure in order to be productive.
    We're talking I've put papers off until literally 6 hours before they're due. That kind of pressure.
  8. I can be friends with basically everyone in the room.
    I've sorta known this about myself but this year I proved it. With two exceptions, I can say that I'm friends with everyone in my program, even the idiots.
  9. My wife deserves a prize.
    All of the prizes, really.
  10. I am more scared of my women professors than my men professors.
    Dunno why but I totally am.
  11. Teaching continues to be one of my favorite things.
    And I'm good at it!
  12. I am meaner in Spanish than in English.
    Mean in both languages, tbh.
  13. I'm ready for next year.
    Bring it on, assholes.