1. Watching that Netflix original series "Love."
    It's so many uncomfortable moments but Bertie is a great character and I loved her. Jury's still out on whether or not I'd watch it again.
  2. Eating spicy foods.
    Idk why I wanna eat hot wings and burritos and salsa in the middle of the night but I do and the morning after I REGRET IT DEEPLY.
  3. Doing that thing of where I loop from Instagram to Facebook to tumblr ad nauseam.
    There's never anything new from the last time.
  4. Eating ice cream.
    I have this thing where I don't wanna turn the lights on when it's really late (idk prolly cause I'm scared my mom will find out I'm awake?) and I've gotten PRETTY good at scooping ice cream by the light of the open microwave.
  5. Deleting old files on my computer.
    Why sleep when you can purge Word documents from 3 years ago?
  6. Making a freaking list on this app I've used one time before tonight.