I'm not sure how good I'm going to be at this thing but I'm gonna give it a go. To start it off easy here are some of my favorite pics from my cellular device.
  1. I took this on the train between Rome and Paris. This was the first time I had ever seen individual snowflakes and my mind was blown. It's the little things..
  2. Zach and my last night in Europe. I was super bummed I had to come home, he put on my thrift store grandma sweater over his long johns, and I lost it.
  3. Zach proposed here. Swoon
  4. We were learning about insects in our class and I helped the kids make these "butterfly wings" and we "flew" around the school. Idk who enjoyed it more, myself or the kiddos.
  5. Two of my favorite people. Amber, Ayden and I put on Ayden's Ninja Turtle stuff and ran around their house. Cowabunga dude!
  6. This list might be long...
  7. Becca's going to kill me BUTTTT she sent me this right before taking a shower. Reasoning? She didn't want to get her hair wet.
  8. Heather and I think we're funny.
  9. My sister. Again.
  10. He doesn't smile much for pictures but get a good ol' candid and boom.
  11. Narma! This was the first time seeing this pretty girl since leaving Germany about 6 months prior. I lived a floor above her while student teaching in Europe.
  12. To piggyback off the last pic; Norma, Kelly, and I in Mexico. Again, the last time we were all together was in Germany months prior. This was in Rosarito, Mexico.
  13. The little girl on the right only speaks Spanish, the girl on the left, only English. The two of them sat there taking turns drawing on the paper and laughing together, "talking" to each other, nodding, and giggling some more. It was awesome. Little kids are incredible.
  14. This is Epic.
  15. I can barely get Zach to come to the beach let alone get him in the water. This day he just wandered in and swam around for a good 20 minutes. I was happy. This was taken about 3.7 seconds after I was smashed by a giant wave.
  16. An occasional meme
  17. This little one fell asleep in my hand after a long day of field trippin to a local fire station. I love my job. Like a lot.
  18. To be continued.