Ways to spread love and defeat fear in Orlando

In the early hours of Sunday morning, my city was attacked. Orlando is not perfect, but it is primarily a place of warmth and acceptance. I won't let fear lock me inside my home. This list includes things I will still be doing in Orlando.
  1. Smiling at strangers.
    I grew up in Jacksonville, so my southern instinct is to smile when I make eye contact. I will believe the best in people, and I will offer a grin when our eyes meet.
  2. Cheering on Orlando City & Orlando Pride.
    I will trust the city and our soccer organization to exercise excellent judgement in keeping fans safe. I will wear purple, sing along with the supporters, and give the teams my all for the full 90.
  3. Unleashing the inner child.
    I will appreciate that this is the theme park capital of the world. I will escape a dragon with the Weasleys. I will drink around the world at EPCOT. I will let my imagination take the reigns for an afternoon or seven.
  4. Dancing and singing in front of strangers.
    I'm not sure I do either well, but I will live in the music of the moment.
  5. Exploring new places.
    Orlando is perpetually growing, and I want to be a part of that. I will visit places I've never been and share them with my friends.
  6. Studying to direct change.
    I will graduate with my master of public administration, so I might foster peace and love in the world.