✨ give me something to shoot for ✨
  1. Flexibility
    End goal is to be able to the splits by the end of the year. I'm stepping up my yoga game and adding some focused stretching to my fitness routine.
  2. Grow Something
    Keeping air plants alive doesn't count. Extra points if I can keep vegetable plants producing.
  3. Get Outside
    More hiking, camping and beach trips. Extra credit if I do it by myself
  4. Go Solo
    Do things for myself, by myself. Take a class, go to a concert, go on a weekend trip ALONE.
  5. Host
    Last year I worked on allowing other people to do things for me...to receive graciously. This year I want to refine my hostess ing skills: throw a dinner party, a girls night, organize a day trip, and start a cookbook book club.