For those times a selfish, insecure boy threatens to ruin your heart, and you finally set him straight...
  1. I smiled and laughed
    Because it felt GREAT
  2. I realized I like myself more
    It's way more fun to get along with yourself than to always feel hurt as you try to get along with someone else (who doesn't appreciate you).
  3. I did a dance
    I was right to choose myself. It's kind of empowering to know you were right about that f***er all along
  4. I felt badly
    The poor guy is self-sabotaging and will end up alone. It's kind of sad. Honestly.
  5. I cooked my favorite meal
    With all my favorite things, because I deserve what I like.
  6. I didn't write about him
  7. And I laughed when he blocked me on social media
    Boy, grow UP
  8. Then I smiled again
    Because, you know, I'll always have myself. And I see that she's pretty awesome. She's strong and fierce and smart and compassionate. She doesn't close off her heart when she's afraid. She doesn't ever give up when life gets tough. She roots for herself and does what scares her if it matters. She fights for what she believes in. And, most of all, she keeps loving people even if they are hateful. Yea, it's pretty nice to finally like that girl.
  9. And I'll continue to speak my mind
    Because if you can't stand up to for yourself or speak your heartfelt opinions, then you're already dead.