In Defense of @list Update

I've seen a lot of lists about the negatives of this update but I wanna think of the positives. A big part of maintaining a social media app is trying new things, whether they work or not.
  1. Removing drafts wasn't a terrible idea
    People usually save drafts to add onto their list later and then publish, but you already have the ability to directly add on to lists once you publish unlike a tweet or an instagram post.
  2. And if you used drafts to save things you were unsure of posting...
    You thought you had a good idea if you made a list of something, so post it. And if after you type out your list you don't like what you have, delete it. For expressional purposes, there isn't a good reason to save a draft.
  3. A lot of people are pissed about the absence of relisting
    I honestly think that anger is fair lololol. Relisting was nice. But list tries to make up for it when they clearly highlight what list each person you follow is liking. Bringing it back would be nice but I'm guessing they wanted to declutter your main feed and have your following activity feed take care of discovering lists.