Things I Really Hate About The Suite Mate That Peed In My Trash Bin

It was a Thursday night at 3am and I had just finished studying whilst waiting for my laundry to dry. I bring my clothes into my room and close the door, failing to lock it. I didn't think I had to lock it right away, I was gonna go back out. Then she comes in, no pants, acts all distressed, clearly drunk, and pees in my trashbin
  1. She's very pro first amendment rights for racists
    Kids at my university were caught using the n word in reference to their classmates and dehumanizing them in the popular messaging app, GroupMe. When she found out of this, she went on a rant about how it was ignorant for people to wish for them to be punished in a university because first amendment.
  2. She is very inconsiderate
    Her roommate tells stories of how she will be kicked out of her room simply because this girl wants to have sex with some drunk frat boy at 3am.
  3. She dressed up as a homeless person for her sorority.
    Of all things she could dress up as, she chose to mock homeless people. She and her friends made cardboard signs that said "Need place to sleep" and "Thirsty", turning the things that people with very sad lives say in desperation into slogans to get with boys.