1. A lot more people smoke weed in my neighborhood than I thought
    I always wondered why I could smoke in broad daylight without anyone calling the cops
  2. Uptown Charlotte is the place to live
    Nearly every apartment complex is right by a PokeStop so people living there will never have to pay for more PokeBalls
  3. Uptown Charlotte has a lot of paintings on buildings and sculptures
    The Target parking lot's walls are special sculptures itself
  4. I really need to wear my back pack more often
    I don't have the hands to carry my water bottle, a cup of coffee, my wallet, my keys, and my phone. When I'm catching Pokemon, I'm also bending down to pick something up
  5. People are very paranoid photos are being taken of them
    I don't know how many times I've had to explain I don't care enough to take a photo of anyone unless they have a dog, so if they don't have a dog I'm just playing Pokemon Go.
  6. I've got weak legs
    I'm still sore from hatching a 5km egg in a day
  7. My ID may say I'm 3 months from 19 but...
    I'm still the eight year old girl that would stay planted on her couch playing Pokemon Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby on her GameBoy Color.