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    Telling people, now that I no longer live in Maine, that I'm originally from Maine.
    Now, this is great for a couple of reasons. The look of surprise on people's faces when you tell them because everyone thinks no one ever leaves Maine (somewhat true) is phenomenal. And there's a weird sense of pride in being from a state as remote as Maine is.
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    I can make fun of people for being cold.
    Now, honestly, I am ALWAYS freezing. I'm just one of those people. But I LOVE telling people who say it's cold out that they can't complain, because they're not from Maine so they don't even KNOW what real cold is. As if Maine is the Arctic.
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    I can wear Flannel in a completely natural way.
    I'm not a hipster guys, I'm from Maine.
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    I owned Bean boots before they were a fashion trend.
    And I didn't do it because I thought they were cute, they're just practical. Newport shoutout!
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    I genuinely love hiking and the outdoors and not just to put on a tinder profile.
    When you grow up with THAT much woods around, you can TRULY classify yourself as outdoorsy without being cliché.