Inspired by @jakester13q
  1. People who walk too slow in public places.
    I mean, I get it. You're trying to go against the grain and not treat life like a destination and you're enjoying the journey or something. But, come on. I'VE GOT PLACES TO BE.
  2. Being late.
    This not only makes me mad, but also very anxious. My mom was always late when I was little, which meant I was always late to EVERYTHING and now I have a crazy obsession with being early. I get furious if I think I'm going to be late, which may explain number one on this list...
  3. People chewing loud.
    Honestly, even more than being late, this is my biggest pet peeve. I've done the research, and apparently it's called misophonia. It's where mouth noises give you an irrational anger towards the person, and it is one million percent a real thing. My name is Kaileigh, and I'm living with misophonia.
  4. Lists I feel are under appreciated.
    So, joining @list has given me this insane need for validation from people that I have grown to respect for their own listbilities. Sometimes, I think I'm being so clever or funny and then it just doesn't catch on. And I keep waiting for the notifications, but they just don't come and it crushes my poor little heart and makes me a very sad version of mad.
  5. Being ignored.
    I tend to thrive on dynamic conversation, so when I either feel ignored, or know I'm explicitly being ignored I get so mad. If someone is in a fight with me, the easiest way to rile me up, is to ignore me. FYI.