1. Eos chapsticks.
  2. Gel inserts for high heels.
  3. Lemon maté tea.
  4. When I park exactly equal distances from both lines in a parking spot on the first try.
  5. Everything Kevin Malone says.
  6. When I can stop filling up my gas tank at an even dollar amount.
  7. When people I've just met remember my name.
  8. Eating the first chip of the bag.
  9. Sushi.
  10. When people get my obscure references.
  11. When someone makes an obscure reference that I get or would also have made.
  12. Finding the perfect nail color.
  13. Sneezing.
  14. Getting notifications on @list
  15. Being barefoot.
  16. Executing a perfect cartwheel.
  17. Making meaningful eye contact with a stranger.
  18. Carbs.
  19. Finding my headphones in my bag when I thought I left them at home.