1. I'm currently at my polling place waiting to vote!
  2. there are a couple hundred people here!!!
  3. I've already been waiting for about an hour and a half
  4. and took a break a little bit ago to walk to Circle K to get snacks for my roommate @honeyglow and myself
  5. and now she's walking home to get a jacket and some books for us 😅
  6. but I couldn't be more proud of my city or more excited to wait in such a long line!
  7. we're currently expecting almost twice the voter turn-out we saw at the last primary
  8. and it's so cool to be a part of it!
  9. polls technically closed ten minutes ago
  10. but everyone in line is still eligible to vote!
  11. and everyone's still hyped
  12. the girl behind me just ordered Jimmy John's to be delivered here
  13. and the guys in front of me are talking about how much fun they had electing Obama last time
  14. and I'm just soaking it all up
  15. I'll probably be here until nine or ten
  16. so I'll update as things go ☺️
  17. I'm still here!
  18. apparently there are thousands of people still in line throughout Arizona
  19. and more than 300 still in line at my polling place!
  20. because Maricopa County limited their primary polling locations by a LOT this year
  21. and because voter turnout is expected at record numbers
  22. but it's so cool to see everyone here still after dark!
  23. and even though it's cold!
  24. and a bunch of Bernie volunteers are passing out bottled water
  25. and then going back to recycle the bottles after
  26. and there's such a great community spirit
  27. I'm so happy to be here!