with little to no explanation
  1. 14.
    Switching Goals
    such a stereotypical twin movie
  2. 13.
    To Grandmother's House We Go
    only really remember the kidnapping thing and it terrified me as a kid, so 0/10
  3. 12.
    It Takes Two
    I think this was the first of their movies that I ever watched???
  4. 11.
    Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble
    very cute but altogether unremarkable
  5. 10.
    Billboard Dad
  6. 9.
    How the West was Fun
  7. 8.
    The Challenge
    undeniably the worst from teen Mary-Kate and Ashley
  8. 7.
    Getting There
    eight-year-old me was absolute dying to turn sixteen and learn to drive because of this movie
  9. 6.
    Holiday in the Sun
    had the cutest boys, I think? wish I could remember this better
  10. 5.
    Our Lips are Sealed
    forget why Mary-Kate and Ashley went into witness protection, but definitely remember all the pretty shots of Australia
  11. 4.
    When in Rome
    the summer internship of my suburban white girl dreams
  12. 3.
    Passport to Paris
    little Mary-Kate and Ashley's prime, probably
  13. 2.
    Winning London
    my first introduction to model United Nations!!
  14. 1.
    New York Minute
    their closets! the city! the dog! the Simple Plan video shoot! I love it all