with little to no explanation
  1. Switching Goals
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    such a stereotypical twin movie
  2. To Grandmother's House We Go
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    only really remember the kidnapping thing and it terrified me as a kid, so 0/10
  3. It Takes Two
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    I think this was the first of their movies that I ever watched???
  4. Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble
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    very cute but altogether unremarkable
  5. Billboard Dad
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  6. How the West was Fun
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  7. The Challenge
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    undeniably the worst from teen Mary-Kate and Ashley
  8. Getting There
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    eight-year-old me was absolute dying to turn sixteen and learn to drive because of this movie
  9. Holiday in the Sun
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    had the cutest boys, I think? wish I could remember this better
  10. Our Lips are Sealed
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    forget why Mary-Kate and Ashley went into witness protection, but definitely remember all the pretty shots of Australia
  11. When in Rome
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    the summer internship of my suburban white girl dreams
  12. Passport to Paris
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    little Mary-Kate and Ashley's prime, probably
  13. Winning London
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    my first introduction to model United Nations!!
  14. New York Minute
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    their closets! the city! the dog! the Simple Plan video shoot! I love it all