There's something so beautiful in the ornate and detailed that I feel is lost in the push for the modern, more minimalistic aesthetic. I loved looking at the care and decoration of my grandma's home and wanted to share my favorite parts.
  1. The green window with orchids and plants. It's overflowing and alive with light and leaves.
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  2. Handmade placemats with holiday china sing of good tidings.
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  3. Lace and wallpaper and angels and ornaments.
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  4. Generations of photos and chairs with many sitters.
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  5. Window panes and wire hearts.
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  6. Stepping stones and clover.
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  7. I love these duck statues. They guard the front porch and sit peacefully embedded in green.
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  8. Overgrown resurrections humbly sitting amongst a fall forest.
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  9. Large mirrors and fake flowers adorn and spill out into every nook and cranny.
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