A little bit of a lengthy list, but I tried to describe a bit about my relationship with each of these programs for making work, organization, and fueling the creative process! 👍✨☕️
  1. Photoshop
    What would I do without Photoshop? It is, in my humble opinion, the cornerstone of all digital art. I was a little late to the digital painting game, but I use it for all visual development, color scripting, and, even if I do my layouts traditionally, they will go through some sort of Photoshop phase to adjust levels and colors. I also recently found out about how to create a greyscale later you can turn on and off to quickly check the values of your paintings.
  2. Kuadro
    A new game changer! This time for references. It's so smart. Drop your reference photos into very clear, minimalistic windows that can be resized, zoomed in, set on top, and locked, leaving Mac's Preview in the dust. You can even save presets to close out and reopen later. I have used this everyday since I found out about it, for my animation reference to designing a carousel, it's revolutionary for optimizing space on your screen and getting the most out of your reference images.
  3. TVPaint
    The best program for animation, created by (French) animators for animators. The animation tools and drawing quality is much superior to Flash and the custom brushes are bomb. I usually work with a minimized timeline to utilize as much drawing screen as possible, but the timeline and tools in the photo are part of what makes the program so good. I only wish it had improved color selection and hue/saturation controls like Photoshop, and then you could do everything in one program. Ah, the dream.
  4. After Effects
    After Effects is the magic that brings it all together. From compositing to "lazy" animation, it is full of great ways to bring your animation up a notch. It's a little daunting, but rest assured you can figure out how to do anything with a little tutorial googling!
  5. Premiere
    Effective for bringing all clips together, I use Premiere for editing and cutting together the film as a whole. Shot by shot, I cover up my animatic to reveal the hard work and then the final export.
  6. Google Drive // Docs // Sheets
    I'm working on two films right now- one with a team and one independently. My team uses a shared Google Drive folder for everything; it's incredibly handy and useful to transfer files and since it can be downloaded and synced to your computer, it's a no hassle way to have access to everyone's files at all times. Also, for both films we heavily rely on Google Sheets for plotting out our production schedules and keeping track of who and what is getting done.
  7. Spotify
    I used to use Rdio, but now I'm back to Spotify for the majority of my creative music fuel. I especially think the Discover Weekly playlist is brilliant. I burn through a lot of entertainment content sitting through long hours of drawing, so I love the simplicity of new, curated playlist delivered each week to my digital doorstep. All I have to do is press play and listen up!
  8. Rainymood
    I love the sound of rain and it can be layered with whatever I'm listening to- music, podcasts, even the occasional Friends episode in the background. Just another thing that I've found makes the work environment more inviting and thus more productive.
  9. Coffee
    Not a program, but I gotta have it everyday. My life blood! 💖