1. To start the day from dark to light, finally well-rested enough to wake up at 7 AM like I tried (and failed) everyday last week. It's quiet and soft and perfect.
  2. Drinking my coffee with a piece of 70% dark chocolate and letting every sip melt a little sweetness on my tongue.
  3. Waking up with "Great is Thy Faithfulness" stuck in my head and pondering all the amazing ways God loves my brokenness and how much I don't deserve such wonderful grace.
  4. My laundry from Saturday is finally dry! I slip into the pair of clean jeans and new shoes, all black of course. All my colors on the inside ready to radiate out.
  5. A chocolate croissant so warm and buttery that makes me sure that heaven must be made of the same wondrous flaky glory.
  6. When you think of something so wonderful that the idea skips out of your thoughts and jumps onto your face. The smile of secret origins grows faster and brighter than dandelions on a time lapse.
  7. Was the first one to get to school and open the classroom with the encouragement from my crush to speak to the guard in français. Then we spoke for awhile in the big room (the crush, not the guard), and after he left I reveled alone in the peace before the lovely madness.
  8. All the new and fresh possibilities of the day, week, and month lie before you just waiting to be "The Best _____ Ever!"