Ppl get pretty personal on here so here goes! I've dealt with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for as long as I can remember. I have no clue why, all I know is that winter is a sucky time for me!
  1. It has a lot to do with greenery (or lack thereof).
    When I see the trees start losing their leaves, that's when this feeling of sadness starts to creep in. It's just depressing to me, for no logical reason.
  2. Then Daylight Savings sets in
    This is the real kicker. Dark evenings and less light from the sun during the day puts me off. Again, not sure why.
  3. And the cold makes it worse.
    I love being outside, and when it's too cold to be active, it brings me down. Not to mention I am naturally always cold, so knowing I'm going to be shivering for 4 months straight is a downer
  4. Also, I hate the holidays and feel huge stress during them
  5. All this piles up day by day til I feel like there's a fog in my brain and, at the worst times, much more depressed.
    And if all this sounds like I'm being silly, trust me, it does feel silly. Part of why it's so frustrating.
  6. So this year (as I've done the past few) I decided to keep trying to fight back. It hasn't been easy but I have seen progress...
  7. Continuing to go to therapy has been vital for me
    I go to counseling once or twice a month and cannot emphasize how much this has helped me in all areas of life, including anxiety and depression. My counselor is the one who gave me most of these tips!
  8. I've taken Vitamin D every day
    Supposed to help with the deficit cause by less sunlight (as well as working in a windowless office). Seems to help... And the gummies are yummy.
  9. My indoor plants don't replace all the dead brown and greyness outside, but they give me SOMETHING green to get me through. And caring for them is therapeutic
  10. I've tried to listen to the perfect blend of happy, sad, and comforting music, and I think I did pretty well this year
  11. Yoga/other workouts
  12. My BF and I have started a few new Christmas traditions
    Which is legit a huge key to me starting to look forward to the holidays and not dread them. Most notably: we watch Love Actually!!!! (Haters step down)
  13. And I've stuck it out.
  14. Every year
    Without fail: just when I have given up on ever seeing something green again, or feeling warmth when I walk outside, something blooms. And every year, it feels like the first time I've ever seen Spring. It's a truly incredible feeling of peace and comfort.
  15. If you are struggling with depression, whether it's related to some external factor or not, please seek support. Your mental health is important and you deserve to know what's going on inside your brain.
  16. Happy Spring, everyone!!!!