Hard and Fast Recommendations: Songs You Dig Rn (Because Your Music Taste Is Life Giving)

I luv u Meowy thx for requesting a listy 💘
  1. Hold Up by Beyonce
    And all of Lemonade. I love everything about it. Fun fact about Hold Up: it was co-written by Ezra Koenig (slightly rephrased from lyrics from Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and originally intended to be a Vampire Weekend song. Speaking of Ezra...
  2. Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend
    This album has been a consistent late spring/summer fav of mine since it came out.
  3. Once In A While by Timeflies
    I don't know a thing about this song except that I found it on Spotify's "Fun Workout" playlist LOL. It catchy as hell tho
  4. The Life You Chose by Jason Isbell
    This guy sounds just like Ryan Adams thoe???? But seriously, was introduced to this album recently and think it's lyrically and musically beautiful.
  5. Famous by Kanye
    Fav song off TLOP (Waves and Ultralight close seconds obv). That Rihanna chorus just gets me !!!!
  6. Swoon by Imogen Heap
    This album is one of my all-time favorites, period. I love her so much.
  7. Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment
    This album is pretty much a Chance the Rapper project! This song is so perfect. I'm addicted.
  8. Manchester (Live) by Kishi Bashi
    What a song to swoon to! 💞
  9. Work From Home by Fifth Harmony