Short for Lubbock Bucket List. My fiancé and I are getting the FLYING HELL out of this shit hole in a few months when we are lawfully wed, but before we go, we've got a few matters of Texas business to attend to. Most of these aren't actually in Lubbock.
  1. Schlitterbahn
    Taking a girls' trip in a few weeks to this Texas hill country Mecca of mild water park debauchery
  2. Joyland
    It's this shitty, adorable little amusement park here in Lubbock that we've been meaning to hit up for years
  3. See Willie Nelson live
    ...........probably won't happen but we WILL see him before he dies, goddammit
  4. Eat a juicy Fredericksburg peach
    Visiting my grandparents' house next weekend, while they're still within driving distance ❤️❤️
  5. Stencil or paste something on a building downtown! ~street art~
    It's just a goal of mine ok!!!
  6. Volunteer at the local wildlife rehabilitation center at least 10 more times
  7. Eat a sandwich with my brother lol
    Sitting in the parking lot about to go into Potbelly, so..... We've both lived here for two years, now we're both moving. Go us.
  8. Hit up the Texas Tech University Rec Center 5,000x
    My mothership. THAT LEISURE POOL.
  9. Maybe go to Marfa again?????? If we have time
    Actual mothership
  10. More to come