We make the 5-hour trek to Marfa quite often. Here's a few suggestions (incomplete list) if you plan on visiting this magical land! (Photos aren't mine unless they obviously are)
  1. 🏘⛵️AirBnB, etc.⛵️🏘
  2. El Cosmico
    If you have $100 to blow, you can reserve one of their wood-fired hot tubs in the evening, even if you're not staying there. (Took this pic while tent camping there)
  3. Bungalow 8
    🌟Major Airbnb recommendation!!🌟 this place is heavenly and also for sale but don't buy it bc dibs. (Also, Toyota, u seeing this shit? Wanna sponsor my Prius trips¿)
  4. The Boat
    Hands down, favorite Airbnb ever. It's a boat in a trailer park. But so cute and lovely on the inside. Ft. Captain Paul.
  5. 🍴🍻Bars and Restaurants🍻🍴
  6. Planet Marfa
    Only open Spring Break thru Labor Day! There's a bonfire inside the tipi on cold nights 😊
  7. Capri
    Nice bar with a pretty arboretum.
  8. Do Your Thing coffee
    Amazing coffee and gourmet food. Also the closest thing to a breakfast place in Marfa.
  9. Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese
    I'll let you see for yourself 😎 Open 10-1 Fridays and Saturdays.
  10. Tumbleweed Laundry / Frama
    Great ice cream, too, modeled by @pmwoj
  11. Pizza Foundation
    Prolly the best pizza ever. Don't be fooled by Google Maps, the new location is on S. Spring St. and E. Dallas St. Guest photo appearance by my sister.
  12. Lost Horse Saloon
    Everything you've ever wanted from an Old West bar.
  13. Cochineal
    Wonderful for a fancy dinner and/or drinks.
  14. Hotel St. George bar / Marfa Bookstore
    The bar has a nice food menu til 10 pm (major key if you're hungry late and no restaurants are open).
  15. 🕵IMPORTANT🕵: Do not go to Boyz II Men taco truck
    I know the name sounds fun and enticing, but the guy was SO MEAN and gave us a $2 bill for our change. Oh, and charged us $27 for tacos. Just don't.
  16. 🎷🏜Other fun stuff🏜🎷
  17. Chinati Foundation
    Home of a sweet stash of Donald Judd's work, a primary instigator of the initial 1960s mod art scene in Marfa. (ft. my cowgirl boots)
  18. The Get Go
    Basically a tiny, local Trader Joe's.
  19. Cast + Crew / Marfa Soap Co. / Cobra Rock
    Cute lil' block of shops off of W. San Antonio near Ballroom Marfa (also a must-see gallery). The owners of all three shops are super friendly and willing to strike up a conversation! Pictured: Cast + Crew from when I bought a horseshoe
  20. Art galleries on W. San Antonio St. And W. El Paso St.
    Most of them don't have obvious signs but just pop your head in and you're sure to discover hidden gems (like a rare @pmwoj)
  21. Marfa lights