Inspired by @estone - Imagine these five people sitting at the control board of my brain, Inside Out-style.
  1. Timidity - Mia Thermopolis
    A cautionary voice, primarily in social settings. Sweetly dorky. Thrives in solitude. Guardian of my inner world.
  2. Image
    She's my brainy feminist. A big advocate of social causes and Twitter, sticks it to The Man, helps me stick up for myself.
  3. Romance - Rob Sheffield
    My writer, hopeful romantic, bleeding heart. Thinks life is a story full of lessons and meaning, often set to a mixtape.
  4. Angst - Peyton Sawyer
    So many feels. Helps me sort out and find significance in the hard stuff. Also the one who reminds me it's okay to not fit in.
  5. Wacky - Jemaine Clement
    Inhabits a zany zone understood by few and feeds into my humor, fun, and general creativity. If he had a sidekick it would be a Muppet. Disappears into space for long periods of time.