Over/under 2015

2015 wasn't my best year to date for pop culture engagement, but I picked up bits and pieces. Here's my year in review.
  1. Overrated: Halsey
    I've seen her everywhere and am very not into her. Image, music, etc. I'm sure she's talented but I'm personally not digging it.
  2. Underrated: "Sorry" music video
    My obsession with this song and video has never lulled since the day it came out. I contend that it was the best pop song this year, and the video is everything wonderful. It's sweet and fun and makes me happy to be a girl.
  3. Overrated: "Americana"
    Can we all just agree that stuff like this is played out? See also: Halsey. See also: the word "wanderlust."
  4. Underrated: flare jeans
    I've kept my old pairs for years waiting for the trend to come around again. Why aren't more people talking about this? *praise hands*
  5. Overrated: white backgrounds on Instagram
    No matter how guilty I am of searching for the perfect background, I'm also incredibly over the hassle.
  6. Underrated: LOVE AND MERCY
    Holy shit this movie was incredible. Everyone I know who saw it was swooning. I'm not a huge John Cusack fan but even he was flawless in this stunning film about the hidden life of an incredible artist. Although the story steals the show, the scenes of the band in the studio recording Pet Sounds were what truly won my heart.
  7. Overrated: Serial
    Hot take, I know. And you don't have to agree with me. I do love what it's done for the world of podcasts, though.
  8. Underrated: THE DESIRED EFFECT, Brandon Flowers
    This was my favorite album of the year. With heavy retro overtones of early '80s Springsteen and all the elegant, theatrical songwriting we expect from The Killers' front man, Flowers' record was fresh, nostalgic, powerful, and sweet. Don't forget the Vegas motifs. It surprises me that such a big industry name got no radio play for these songs, but it just might be---I hardly ever say this anymore---because they're better than pop radio. P.s. The music video for "Still Want You" is pure joy.
  9. Overrated: Taylor Swift's Girl Gang
    Are we all just now noticing that money and power bring pretty people together? Shocker!
  10. Underrated: SHAUN THE SHEEP
    If you grew up watching Wallace and Gromit, this movie is an absolute must-see. It's an hour of claymation with no dialogue and I was completely entertained the whole time. The story is: Shaun the sheep's shenanigans lead to the Farmer getting lost in the Big City, so the sheep have to go fetch him. I cannot describe how delightfully funny and wonderful it is. Please just promise me you'll rent it.
  11. Overrated: mommy blogging
    The word "bumpdate" exists and I feel like I don't need to explain myself any further on this one.
  12. Underrated: PAGEANT MATERIAL, Kacey Musgraves
    I couldn't believe how fast I fell in love with this album. I've always been a closet country lover, and PAGEANT MATERIAL is everything good about country and none of the bad (with a whole lot of weed smokin' thrown in). It's sugary, it's snarky, it's intelligent, it hits where it hurts. Kacey is brilliant and clever and her music is everything I love about being a girl.
  13. BONUS EXTRA Underrated: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    I was OBSESSED with this show. It just came at a certain time for me where I needed something this refreshing, this hilarious, this AWESOME, to help me through a rough patch. It's just such the ideal balance for me of feel-good and ridiculously silly witty funny. I can't believe it didn't get more attention, and I'm dying for a second season. Also, I dare you to NOT get the theme song stuck in your head for days.
  14. Deserved the hype:
    TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY, Adele, Twitter as news source, Star Wars, Hamilton, Master of None
  15. Still cool:
    Talking about your Hogwarts house.