Princess Leia Is Basically My Hero

As a misguided tot, I remember thinking Luke Skywalker was a cutie (that swooshy hair!), I didn't get my mom's hype over Han, and I frankly thought Princess Leia was kind of a bitch. Well, my eyes have been opened in many regards: Luke is a whiny teen, Han is witty and sexy, and Leia is my gal--here's why.
  1. She's about her bizness.
    Leia is a leader, she's successful, and she doesn't play around. She's running a planet here, people; she has got "little to no time for triflin'." *prints off and frames Leia's picture to put at desk*
  2. Not a people person, and that's cool with everybody.
    Please, join in my praises of this attribute. Leia knows who she is - funny, smart, gets the job done, and feels no need to butter anybody up while doing so. See that wonderful sarcastic smile on her face? She smiles whenever she DAMN WELL PLEASES and not a moment sooner! As a human severely lacking the gift of schmooze, this gives me great joy.
  3. Her approach to relationships is GOALS.
    Doesn't settle for less than the best. Puts a guy's brain and humor to the test, but proves loyal and dependable once she knows she wants to follow her heart. Keeps her cool around a total fox. Lets her feelings take the lead, but only when the time is right. Knows she's awesome and hot, yaaaas queen! To be on this level...!
  4. Brown eyes brown hair omg thank u.
    As a lady with a history of Brunette Inferiority Complex, it's fun to see that she's the "smart independent girl" but also clearly cute. Because honestly, why should I have to choose one?
  5. Gets called "Your Worshipfulness"
    I can relate.