I often take Richie the corgi with me in order to avoid talking about anything of substance with:
  1. Coffee shop friends of my coffee shop friends
  2. Sorority friends of my sorority friends
  3. People who tend to ask me details about my life plans, job, and relationship
  4. People of staunch religious beliefs or non-beliefs who want to pick an argument
  5. This one girl who corners me and talks at me about her life for 45 min and I'm like "I'm just here cause my boyfriend is working"
  6. Casual acquaintances at the family-friendly church Halloween event
  7. Friends who I'm mad at and don't want to have a real conversation with
  8. People I don't want to talk with for very long... "Ugh, I probably should take Richie home. Look how tired he is" *Richie sits there smiling energetically*