🚺A true story about International Women's Day🚺
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    My boyfriend Paul mentioned he wrote a paper on feminism today.
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    (He's a sociology minor)
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    I said "that's cool" in a fakely chill way, even though I wanted to be like "THATS RAD!!!"
    And ask him a million energetic questions.
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    A minute later mentioning that sometimes I feel awkward talking about feminism, and how much it means to me, because I don't want to come across as overly opinionated or a bitch, since I hate confrontation.
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    "Even though I know that's hypocritical haha!" I added lamely.
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    He said yes, that's contradicting what you believe.
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    You're going against what you believe if you are worried about being perceived that way.
    (I was all dammit, you're right...)
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    If you have opinions, you may run into some conflict, and that's okay.
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    And I said, "Yeah. Thanks."
    It was so sweet and the best
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    I hope that everyone has a person who listens to them and builds them up like this. And I hope to do this for others. Here's to Paul, here's to Women's Day! 💕