I did love Finn the first time. However, a) it was difficult to think about anything other than my mind-blowing crush on Poe for a good while post-movie, and b) I found Finn's character complex and hard to take in completely the first round. Here's what I love about him, after seeing the movie twice:
  1. His interactions with the world outside Starkiller are innately neutral and naive
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    This is something I noticed the first time I saw the movie, and, I think, the premise of his character. He doesn't care about a cause or really know how to interact with civilians, but it's not because he's less than human or unintelligent. He's essentially just been sheltered his whole life, by the Dark Side. A complex dynamic for Finn's premise. Also, don't you love how overly serious and earnest he is.
  2. But, he has a natural sense of good and evil
    Which is what leads him to abandon the Dark Side, even if he isn't completely sold on the Light Side (yet). And also guides him toward the loyalty he increasingly displays throughout the movie.
  3. His skills are hugely consistent with what a you'd expect from a Storm Trooper
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    I appreciated this so much about TFA. You never see Finn do anything that would be outside his realm of experience, like fly a ship, but the things that a Storm Trooper would do, such as shooting and hand to hand combat, he nails. Also reminding us that he's not a clueless or dumb character, just relationally naive.
  4. Even though he ~started from the bottom~
    As a sanitation worker?! Shut up, I loved this. Perfect lead-in to the trash compactor reference, which was IMPORTANT. Also perfect realistic twist for his past. He knows all the know-how of fighting as a Storm Trooper, but he's still young and just starting out, perfect for a youthful crisis of morals and the big, rash decisions that define Finn in this movie.
  5. Honestly, his crush on Rey tho
    So endearing. So boyish. He's like, a cuter, less whiny, less incestuous foil to early-era Luke.
  6. I think Finn has potential to really play out well in the next however-many movies. They've given us a lot to process in his character, and I'm loving figuring him out. He's very different, which makes him interesting, but consistent with the Star Wars world, which makes him a good fit. Bravo, Finn!