Smth to learn

  1. Justify - обосновывать
  2. Persuade - уговаривать She questions his manhood to She kind of propels him with
  3. Propel - проводить в движение To be top dog - быть шишкой Scheming - коварный
  4. Be-all and end-all - means the best thing, the most important thing about something so that you don't need to look for anything else.
  5. The world is my oyster - I can do whatever I want or go wherever I want
  6. to lie low - to hide, and stay out of trouble a night owl - a person who is busy at night while other people are asleep  at a snailʼs pace - very slow to break the ice - make people feel relaxed when they first meet 
  7. Pun - "What'sblack and white and red (= read) all over?" "Anewspaper."
  8. To coin = to invent
  9. Tranquility - спокойствие Cherish - лелеять Twinkle - мерцать Serendipity - интуитивная прозорливость Sophisticated - утонченный Cosy - Уютный Bumblebee - шмель Giggle - хихикать Delicacy - лакомство Peekaboo - игра в прятки Flabbergasted - изумленный Smashing - сокрушительный Whoops - возгласы Tickle - щекотать Loquacious - говорливый
  10. Smithereens - черепки Hodgepodge - мешанина Shipshape - в полном порядке
  11. in the sense that When we say ‘in the sense that’, we show exactly which meaning we are using. English is a global language in the sense that it is used in many different contexts.
  12. in terms of When we say ‘in terms of’, we explain how we are thinking about or measuring something. English is the global language both in terms of the number of speakers and its global reach.
  13. She has three brothers, two of whom are in the army
  14. I read three books last week, one of which I really enjoyed
  15. There were some good programmes on the radio, none of which I listened to