I may or may not have an addiction
  1. In my car
    But let's be honest, who doesn't?
  2. Riding my bike
    Yes, you can in fact dance while biking. (Hint: it's all in the shoulders)
  3. At work
    I wait tables for a living. Dancing is not only a way to keep energy up, but it loosens up my stiff back, entertains guests, and is plain fun. Ok...I really just like to have fun.
  4. Grocery shopping
    I was in this store the other night that decided to blast 80s pop. For once I wasn't the only one dancing on the DL. People were actually walking in and couldn't help by shake their booty.
  5. Skiing
    A friend recently described my skiing style as "unique." Turns out it's because I'm actually somehow managing to dance while shredding down the slopes.
  6. Cooking
    Music just helps you get in the groove, man.
  7. Bars/Clubs
    No explanation needed
  8. Washing dishes
    Hey, something has gotta distract from this gross task.
  9. In the shower
    Some people sing in the shower, I dance.
  10. Literally just walking down the street
    This one I try to suppress/hide so much. I fail. Everyone knows exactly what I'm doing.