Personal Goals for the Next 2 Years

These were also due in class! Same deal. (I'm about to graduate, so that's why. Scary transition time!)
  1. See the Tonight Show or SNL Live! (OR BOTH!)
    Wouldn't that be the dream? With any luck I hope to get tickets for the Orlando Tonight Show in April cause it's my spring break AND 22nd birthday
  2. Lose some "college weight"
    Let's be real
  3. Eat healthy even when home with family
  4. Restore savings account & create multiple savings
    A lot of mine was drained for study abroad, so that's why it says restore
  5. See friends a minimum of 3 times a week
    It's scary to map out social life but is often quite necessary
  6. DO NOT let a relationship change career plans and goals
    Also me: "But what if.." NO!
  7. Find an affordable apartment
    Be it ATL or saving longer to move cities after a couple years
  8. Go on a minimum of 2 well-budgeted trips (ideally abroad, but not limited)