Keep in mind that I don't even know how to airport very well in the first place, so it's all a big deal.
  1. The second I walked in, I had to pee. And the 3 nearest bathrooms were all closed for cleaning, so I went on a hike.
  2. My bag suddenly weighed 4 pounds over and I had to pay an obscene amount
  3. My carry on got stuck on the other side of security for further inspection
    This is the ONE thing that was actually my fault though. I thought my water bottle was empty.
  4. ^ The attendant showing up to help with this took 10 minutes so many passed while I just stood there
  5. My flight to DC was delayed to 6:25
  6. My connector flight to London was delayed to 6:30PM, making my arrival in London 7AM, meaning I lose 10 hours of Jessica's in-person-friendship
  7. My flight to DC was delayed to 6:55 AM
  8. My flight to DC suddenly had no foreseen departure time
  9. I was on the plane this entire time sitting there for almost an hour
  10. We were all told to get off the plane
  11. I keep getting texts for new departure times that aren't real
  12. The customer service line isn't moving
  13. They have stopped giving us updates over the speakers
  14. Absolutely no one from our flight knows what's going on.
  15. Stay home, kids. Just stay home.