Requested by Tid Tad Toe Camaroon
  1. 10. A dumpster
    Because let's face it, sometimes we're all trash and just want a place to belong. And sometimes to drink in those places.
  2. 9.Your Ex's place
    Save yourself the data usage and having to face the texts the next day. Just yell things from the front yard and let the chips fall where they may.
  3. 8.A Jonas Brothers concert
    No longer an option, and didn't used to be during the Disney days anyway, but for one brief summer it was a place to suck down Straw-Ber-Ritas and pray that the lack of stage presence wasn't an early sign of the group's eventual demise. Chug until Year 3000, bitches.
  4. 7. Check out line of the liquor store
    For all you impatient winos and rushed alcohol enthusiasts alike. There's always the challenge of just how hammered you can get before handin' ova mad stacks to fill yo wine racks.
  5. 6. Home Depot/ Any Hardware store
    Coincidentally also one of the top places to get nailed. You're all welcome.
  6. 5. A playground (preferably with giant swings)
    OH HOHO, just trust.
  7. 4. A Tree
    Cmon, branch out! Go out on a limb, then get drunk on it
  8. 3. Half of the EPCOT World Showcase.
    The half with Mexico and the Margaritas, cause duh. Drinking around the world is overrated cause halfway through you'll want to ride Test Track and Mission Space and you should before it is too late. You've caught it just in time.
  9. 2. Irish pubs
    I'm going off of what I hear, I wasn't of age the last time I was never there.
  10. 1. A hammock
    Idk, sounds nice.