Sometimes I find myself sitting on a bench with @Overlord eating crackers during our break, and people begin to panic
  1. They look around to see if they're missing anyone else from the troupe
    Nope, it's only me. They're waiting on me to start.
  2. They lightly discuss where I could be or think of what could possibly be happening.
    So surely, I'm pooping.
  3. Daniel suggests that I might be pooping
  4. He begins to stop his feet to keep a beat
  5. He adds claps
  6. He adds the chant "Kimbo's pooping"
  7. The others join in
    Meanwhile I hear indistinct chanting from the bench and think "Wow, my improv troupe is crazy"
  8. They all chant louder
    At this point I start to hear my name as @Overlord points out what exactly they are saying
  9. The group sets eyes on their once lost member
    I have returned
  10. David observes that I have entered looking possibly unamused
  11. @SweeneyTad starts a wave of people going to pick me up
    Hey @nbrosy77 and @megharkins you were there. Ps, welcome to the list app, Nathan!
  12. I am lifted into the air
  13. Someone says "wait no she's wearing a skirt"
  14. They put me down
  15. I say "no it's okay, I have shorts on"
  16. They lift me back up
  17. They chant "Kimbo's flying" as I am paraded around
    Obviously the best way to re-enter a rehearsal space
  18. They set me down gently
  19. The poop jokes continue.
    What can ya do?
  20. Improv.
    That's what you can do.