It seems the shortest path between loafing and billionaire is whatever comes to you 5 minutes before the pitch when you are white and male. Here is a list of things BJ Novak thought of in that 5 minutes before the pitch meeting that didn't make the cut
  1. Create an app that reminds you to breathe
  2. Create an app that teaches you to walk left right left right
  3. Create an app that predicts whether you'd like fresh ground pepper or not at a fine restaurant
  4. Create an app that picks whether you'll listen to XM, Apple Music, or the radio on your drive to work
  5. And finally, with only 30 seconds left to figure out a pitch, looking at his list in the notes app of his cracked iPhone 5s which has been turned off by lack of payment to T MOBILE, LISTS! An app that makes lists! bingo