When your cat dies unexpectedly

Our family cat had to be put down unexpectedly causes great sadness
  1. Disbelief
    How can this be? I just fed him and he was happy? How?
  2. Guilt
    He sat by himself in pain for a long time. How did I not find him? The results would have been the same but it is my job is to watch out for him.
  3. Concern
    My teenage daughter was rocked by the sudden news. How will she be?
  4. Relief
    There is no cure only pain and certain death. I'm relieved our final act saved our beloved companion this agony.
  5. Never turns to maybe
    We are pet people. This was not the first pet and we have a dog and another cat - and it won't be the last. We say - why do we do this to ourselves. It ends we "we are pet people" we wouldn't trade the joys we get daily.
  6. We love you and will miss you, Thomas