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  1. I convinced my mother to buy a leather armchair to place by the fire.
    Never mind that they think I'm moving out soon. I need a comfy chair to read in.
  2. I convinced my mother to buy an iced tea brewing carafe
    To brew iced tea from the loose leaf tea I recently imported from London's Yumchaa
  3. I convinced my mother to buy a vinaigrette mixing container
    I will be making my own fresh vinaigrettes now. Which means I'll be eating more salad. Which = healthy
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Confirmed after being a student for 4.5 years here
  1. "Our mascot is the Wellesley Blue Waves"
    False. We don't have a mascot. We're the Wellesley Blue.
  2. "The buildings were intentionally built in the architectural style of the decade"
    False. Tower Court is not 1920s style.
  3. "It's easy to get into Boston"
    If by easy you mean an hour.
  4. Cross registering is VERY easy
    Lies I have told on my Wellesley college tour
    Suggested by   @heatherorta
@jackmoore448 introduced me to this game in London. I now force people to play it with me.
  1. Notes from the Underground
    Benedict Cumberbatch plays depressed nihilist. It works.
  2. Ella Enchanted
    That movie from way back? Unacceptable. I'm thinking Maisie Williams of GoT could be a compelling lead actress.
  3. Americanah
    I've heard that this one is actually in the works?
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  1. Absolutely nothing
    Bacon is delicious.
  1. 1.
    Drug lord
    I remember watching Breaking Bad and thinking, "well how hard could that be?" And then I took a class on the chemistry of drugs. I feel thoroughly prepared.
  2. 2.
    Ex-military CIA assassin
    Person of Interest should not be as addictive as it is. And binging it has revealed something from the dark recesses of my mind: I'd like to know how to kill a man with my bare hands. Note: I don't actually want to kill a man. I'd just very much like that skill.
  3. 3.
    Interior Designer
    I like to build sims houses more than I like to play with the sims people. And I'm really into hgtv. Seems like a good fit.
I miss a lot of things
  1. Waitrose
    I visited waitrose everyday. I ain't even embarrassed about that.
  2. Chockywockydoodah
    Aka the place to go for hot chocolate and giant cakes in the shape of dinosaurs
  3. Gray's Inn Cafe
    Home to the best chicken club sandwich
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My friend Daniel introduced me to Pretty Little Liars at a time when I was pretty inactive. I binged the entire series, and realized that I would do things a bit differently than the writers. Namely in who I would kill off.
  1. Everyone.
    Especially Aria.
I like cheese a lot. Except for Brie. Brie is just okay. This list is not exhaustive because that would take too long.
  1. Cyprus Groves Midnight Moon
    It's a young goat's milk Gouda cheese. A bit sharp, like cheddar.
  2. Pecorino Romano
    Instead of Parmesan, I go for this sheep's milk cheese. It's better.
  3. Tomme
    Very buttery and mild. Has some earthiness. I prefer Meadow Creek Dairy's Appalachian tomme
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